Web-Folio Samples
Enjoy our sample pages!
Each of these pages will open in a new window; click on the brown text and then just just close it to return to this page.
These samples illustrate to a small degree the flexibility of a Web-Folio's presentation.
Here are some fictional examples designed using our "Change Styles" option, which allows you to choose background and text colors from a list of hundreds as well as upload your own background images (such as these free samples from Gotomy.com.):
Brochure Art
Glamour Shot
Animated GIF background
Animated GIF Icon (vertical)
Animated GIF Icon (horizontal)
Portfolio Link
All persons, companies, and depictions on these sites are fictional examples only and not meant to represent any actual person or organization.
All photographs on these sites are stock photography not licensed for download or reuse.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop a note to sales@web-folio.net, or call 678/778-1831, for a quick answer. Thanks for your business!