Web-Folio Options list
Thank you for your interest in Web-Folio.net!
A basic Web-Folio is a fully functional website, and is complete on its own. But we recognize that including all of these features in a basic Web-Folio adds complexity that is not necessarily going to be appreciated by everyone. Ergo, options! Web-Folio options help you customize your site to fit your needs. Each option is available for a one-time US $50 fee and adds nothing to your monthly subscription rate.

Change styles
Want a different look to your Web-Folio? This option lets you upload different backgrounds and/or choose from hundreds of solid colors, change font colors, change the color of the picture borders or remove them, and choose the number of pictures per row and page.
Extended comments
Want to show a map to, or an aerial photo of, a location such as a real estate property? It is so easy with extended comments! Just enter the address (for a map) and/or latitude and longitude for the property and Web-Folio automatically generates Mapquest links and Terra Server links (respectively).
Dropoff page
When you need pictures from your clients or vendors, they can drop them off in a special section of your Web-Folio.
Viewer login
When you want to limit or just know who browses your Web-Folio, require a signup with or without authorization.
Picture marking
Put a dark "box" of text or a translucent "stamp" on the bottom of your photographs to indicate copyright and ownership, put a large, translucent watermark (eg "PROOF") across your photographs to deter copying, or get the point across with a splash of opaque text across your "hero" pictures like "Sold!", "New!!", "Incredible", "Location", "NEW!", "Limited", etc.
Site map
When you have collections within collections within collections, get there faster.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop a note to sales@web-folio.net, or call 678/778-1831, for a quick answer. Thanks for your business!